Myths Of Masking


Masks are my favorite at home skincare product. I feel so pampered and fresh after masking and my skin loves masking just as much. But did you know that there’s a few things you shouldn’t do, and things you’ve been told you can’t do but you actually can? I wasn’t very well-versed in masking until recently and it’s changed my life. Here’s 5 quick myths we’ve debunked!


This is a lie, lie, lie. You definitely want to be careful of the ingredients because you wouldn’t want to do a glycolic acid mask and then come behind that with a sulfur based mask, but you can for sure use more than one mask in a sitting. I love to start with an exfoliating mask; either chemical or physical works, and then come behind with either a gel mask or a clay mask. There is also a chance that you you won’t want to leave the mask on for the full suggested time, listen to skin and trust it. If something feels painful, remove it immediately.

I love using the Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque when my skin needs a little extra love in all departments. This mask gently exfoliates, it has sulfur which targets deep breakouts and kills all the bacteria under your skin, it has tea tree oil in it to help open up the pores for deeper penetration, the charcoal helps clear out pores and the clay, of course, gets deep into your skin to help lift and remove all the excess dirt and sebum. After this mask, really depending on how my skin is feeling, I may do another treatment targeted mask or go with something a little more soothing.

For another targeted treatment, since we already got the breakouts and the exfoliation, I may use the Cranberry Turmeric Radiance Masque by Kiehl’s which will help brighten the skin and even out the skin tone. Cranberry has natural antiseptic properties so it helps kill more bacteria on surface of the skin and in your pores and turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory properties which will help with any puffiness or redness in the skin. Since we just exfoliated too, this treatment will penetrate deeper since it won’t have an extra two or three layers of dead skin to get under.

For something a little more soothing, I love the Cucumber Gel Mask by Peter Thomas Roth. This mask is so nice and cool on the skin it’s perfect you get a little sunburnt or if you’ve just started using some new product and your skin is a little sensitive, I recommend this mask. The cucumber is deeply hydrating and soothing so it will keep your skin feeling plump and healthy and will help ease the redness. The aloe helps heal the skin’s damaged barrier and delivers hydration deep into the skin while working with the light gel texture to cool and soothe the skin.


Another lie! You could mask every day of the week if you wanted you, but again, you have to be careful of the ingredients and the length you’re leaving the mask on for but sometimes you need to mask multiple days. One such example, particularly for females, is the week before or leading up to your period. You’ll want to use a clay mask every day for about 5-10 minutes until you get it and then continue to do so the first three days of your period.


Well, during this time your hormones are all out of whack and your skin will start to produce extra sebum and you may see your skin tone change during this time too. Masking can help prevent all of that from happening, or at the very least, will soften the symptoms. I love using Dr. Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing mask for this purpose. It’s a thick clay mask that is so luxurious feeling and is mild enough that you can use it every day without seeing your skin over-dry or become overly sensitive. The clay digs deep into your pores to clean them out but the clay is very cool and soothing so it feels like a spa day at home!

There’s a ton of clay masks out there that you can use, just be mindful of the ingredients. For this purpose you don’t want anything with sulfur, glycolic acid, lactic acid, azelaic acid or any physical exfoliant like micro-beads. These used every day in the form of a super concentrated mask can further damage your skin. So you’ll want to look for a mask that really only has clay in it, the one above uses Amazonian White Clay.

The Longer you Wear the Mask the More Potent It Will Be

This is a big fat NOPE! I already mentioned this earlier, but depending on how often you’re masking and for what, that can change the time you’ll want to leave the mask on anyways but leaving it on for longer does make the effects more potent. In fact, depending on the ingredients, it can damage your skin further. I cannot stress this enough, listen to your skin when you’re masking. Sometimes you’ll feel a little heat, or a tingle but if you’re ever in pain or super uncomfortable, just take the mask off. It’s not worth damaging your skin. In my opinion, unless a mask is designed for prolonged wear, you shouldn’t be exceeding 10 minutes with it on.


I won’t say this is false, but it’s important to know that each type of mask has different benefits for your skin. Certain types of masks will be better for certain skin types but anyone can use any type of masks.

  • Gel Masks
    • These are good for hydration
    • May not dry all the way
    • Good for delivering ingredients deep into the skin
  • Clay Masks
    • Good for cleaning out pores and tightening skin
    • Not the most ideal for oily or combination skin – can cause overproduction of oil by over drying
    • Controls breakouts and acne
  • Sheet Masks
    • Convenient and easy to use
    • Great for target treatments
    • Almost immediate results but not long-lasting
  • Peel Off Masks
    • Great for exfoliation
    • Can soften pore blockages for easier removal or may remove them
    • Overuse can cause sagging of skin and premature aging

Over-the-Counter Masks Aren’t As Good As High-End Brands

This isn’t true. While some of the OTC products will have undesirable ingredients in them like alcohol or their ingredients may not be as concentrated or potent as the higher end brands; you can achieve great skin on a budget. The Yes To! brand is probably my favorite OTC brand. The whole brand is actually really great, they deliver great ingredients at a low cost and everything they have to offer works. I used to used the Tomato line for my acne when I was younger and it for sure helped control the acne.

Another great OTC brand is Biore! I love their warming charcoal mask, it definitely helps clear out the pores and makes your skin feel nice and clean and the warming feels so nice too!

I hope this quick run-down on masking helps you decide what your skin needs from you. If you’ve tried some of these products and liked or disliked them, let me know in the comments! Make sure to follow me on Twitter at cashcamel93 for more great content and Instagram at tinywriter93 to keep up with everything!

I may profit from purchases made off affiliate links. This allows me to keep posting and writing for all you incredible readers but my opinions and reviews are and will always be 100% genuine.

Thank you all for your support!

9 thoughts on “Myths Of Masking

  1. It is interesting to learn some more things about using facial masks! Oh man, I need to do a better job at using masks more frequently. I found sheet masks being great because I hate waiting for the peel off masks. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

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  2. Oh this was so interesting to read, I love using masks but indeed I have believed tons of these myths to be actually true, so thank you for showing me what is true. As for one of the points eventually I did listen to my skin, but the first few times when I used a mask and my skin was NOPE, I just left it on. Not doing that any more.
    So thanks for this post, and I will definitely start using clay masks before/after my menstruation, didn’t know masks would help during this time. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you found this info useful! Listening to your skin is important to know what your skin needs, it’s a good thing you learned that, some don’t and do irreparable damage to their skin! But yes, clay masks will make a HUGE difference in your skin around your time of the month. Thanks for reading, I really appreciate the time you took to read and comment!

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  3. This is a truly a question I would love if you could answer and I apologize that it isn’t related to the post but because of your disclaimer at the end, I wanted to ask. How and where did you go about getting affiliate links?

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