Nutrient Charged Water Gel by Murad


So I will say that this product is by far one of the BEST oil-free moisturizers I’ve ever used (read more about the best oil-free moisturizers here!). If you’re like me and have skin that feels dry after you wash it but will be oily in no time, I highly suggest this product. I always struggled finding a moisturizer that wouldn’t make me feel extra oily but also wouldn’t further dry me out. I had tried aloe moisturizers but those seemed to always have an alcohol base and thus, would dry me out causing my skin to breakout or flake and I had tried heavier moisturizers, like CeraVe, when I thought maybe my skin was actually just super dry and over compensating but ten minutes after applying it felt like I had slathered petroleum jelly all over my face!

I eventually settled on an Olay moisturizer at the bequest of my little sister that worked well enough but was oil based so I was still a little oiler than I’d prefer. It has SPF, Vitamins A, C and B3 so it worked for what I needed, but like I said, it still left me a little oilier than I’d like. If wearing makeup, I always had to use oil-absorbing powders or wipes so the makeup would set correctly. It was frustrating and just a difficult routine to maintain. Now, the Nutrient Charged Water Gel wasn’t the first moisturizer I came across that kept my oiliness at a minimum but it’s my favorite, by far. It’s great for just general maintenance of your skin, anti-aging, acne/breakout control, oil control, cell turnover, collagen production and above all else, hydration.

Product Overview

The Nutrient Charged Water Gel is an amazing product that will leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated but not oily. It utilizes 10 key vitamins and minerals to help soothe and brighten the skin as well as help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and 5 peptides to help protect and repair the skin’s barrier. Perfect for use at day or night! Use under your favorite SPF moisturizer for extra hydration or apply it last in your night routine to lock in all the fantastic ingredients and deliver them deep into the skin while hydrating the deeper layers of the skin. The best part of this product is that you’ll see results immediately and they can last up to 5 days after initial use!

Smell & Texture

The first thing I love so much about the Nutrient Charged Water Gel is the fragrance. Even if you’re someone who’s sensitive to smells, I don’t think this one would bother many people. It’s a light smell like rose water but not quite as sweet and forgive me for not knowing, but I have no idea what creates that smell but it’s magnificent.

The next thing that makes this product so luxurious is the texture. The gel is light and airy and kind of reminds me of a lighter version of the lemon filling in a lemon meringue pie. It’s just one of those things that if I could just shove my hands into a vat of it, I would.

Ingredient Spotlight

So I cannot stress this enough, the ingredients in this moisturizer are incredible! Which is why I am going to take some time and go over the key ingredients that make the Nutrient Charged Water Gel so amazing.


  • B3 – A.K.A Niacinamide has so many benefits for your skin it’s hard to list them all. The most notable thing that vitamin B3 helps with is brightening the overall tone of the skin and reducing redness. Besides a brightener, B3 is good for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. B3 helps build keratin and a lipid layer that can retain moisture which work together to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and deliver deep hydration.
  • B5 – This vitamin is responsible for keeping the skin soft and smooth. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which can come in handy if you’re breaking out since it can reduce the overall size of the pimples. B5 is also deeply hydrating as it’s able to pull moisture out of the air!
  • B6 – Probably the most important of all the ingredients is vitamin B6. It’s important to note that B6 is not something our bodies produce naturally but is CRITICAL for preventing premature skin aging. B6 helps with the production of red blood cells, cell production and protein metabolism which all help with the growth and repair of skin cells. Ensuring that your skin is healthy and protected is key for preventative measures so make sure you’re getting your B6.
  • B9 – More commonly known as Folic Acid, B9 is also important for cell production but also helps with cell turnover keeping the skin radiant and healthy. B9 also works as a detox helping your skin purge all the nasty gunk under the surface. If you notice a pimple forming, using this product will help your body get rid of it faster by bringing the sebum to the surface fast. DON’T POP IT. Use a salicylic acid concentrate like this and then apply the moisturizer over the top twice daily and the pimple should go away within 2-3 days.
  • E – My relationship with vitamin E goes way way back. I first learned of the incredible healing properties when I was in 1st grade and my little sister was attacked by a cat resulting in 12 stitches in her face. My mom was so afraid of scarring so every day she would apply a little bit of Vitamin E to the wounds and then the newly formed skin, when they were healed, followed by a high SPF sunscreen. My mom was incredibly smart to do this as vitamin E is known for protecting the skin from UVA and UVB damage. It also helps deeply nourish the skin and protects it from free radicals. So in my sister’s case, vitamin E helped prevent the sun from causing the scar tissue to darken but also nourished the skin so that it could repair itself faster.


  • Silicon – If you didn’t know, now you do. Silicon or silica, is important for maintaining healthy skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties which can help with psoriasis and eczema and is important for collagen synthesis which helps keep the skin elastic.
  • Iron – Iron helps deliver red blood cells to the skin. This is important because if you have dark circles, applying a little extra of the Nutrient Charged Water Gel under your eyes can really help lighten them up.
  • Zinc – This is an important one for all of us that have oily skin! Zinc helps regulate the oil production of the skin which can help prevent breakouts. Fun fact: severe acne could be a symptom of a zinc deficiency.
  • Copper – Another one for the anti-aging playbook. Copper isn’t just good for cookware and knee braces, it’s also amazing for skincare! As we age our levels of elastin and collagen begin to delpeat but copper can help replenish supply by producing lysyl oxidase which helps produce elastin and collagen. But wait, there’s more! Copper is also a super antioxidant that helps protect the collagen from free radical wear and tear, keeping your skin looking younger longer. The benefits don’t stop there. If you like to pick at your breakouts like me, the copper in this product can help heal those wounds faster. It does this by stimulating capillary formation, getting blood to where it needs to be, and increases skin’s water-holding abilities.
  • Magnesium – Whether ingested or applied topically, magnesium is important for skincare. Magnesium helps your body regulate the hormone cortisol which is released when you’re stressed and we all know what happens to our skin when we get stressed. We get wrinkles or breakouts or both! But magnesium can help lower your cortisol levels which helps with anti-aging properties and can help heal acne.


  • Oligopeptide-1 – All peptides are important for skin health but Oligopeptide-1 or Epidermal Growth Factor or EGF is important for wrinkle reduction, pigmentation prevention and hydration. EGF stimulates cell growth which improves skin’s elasticity.
  • Oligopeptide-2 – Insulin-like growth factor 1 or IGF-1 is an ingredient that also has anti-aging qualities. IGF-1 treats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps increase the body’s own production of collagen and elastin.
  • Polypeptide-1 – This is a cell-signaling peptide that also stimulates the synthesis of collagen. This makes Polypeptide-1 good for addressing concerns of aging. All peptides help repair and maintain the skin’s protective barrier.
  • Polypeptide-9 – Like polypeptide-1, 9 helps reduce the signs of aging by plumping and smoothing the skin.
  • Polypeptide-11 – Continuing with the anti-aging theme, polypeptide-11 stimulates production of cells that produce collagen, regeneration of skin cells and helps with wound healing making it ideal again, for those that like to pick at their breakouts.

So, if I haven’t said it before, this is the best moisturizer out there. I love everything about it and it addresses every single one of my skin care concerns from pigmentation to breakouts and everything in between. If you’re skeptical, checkout because they run promotions frequently that include a free gift and I usually always choose the free samples of the Water Gel so I have extra travel pods and can take it with me everywhere!

If you’ve used this and love it, let me know or if you end up using it as a result of this post, let me know as well! Follow this link to get yours today!

Nutrient Charged Water Gel

I may profit from purchases made off affiliate links. This allows me to keep posting and writing for all you incredible readers but my opinions and reviews are and will always be 100% genuine.

Thank you all for your support!

3 thoughts on “Nutrient Charged Water Gel by Murad

  1. I’ve not heard of this brand but I have to say it sounds like a fantastic moisturiser. I have combination skin and do get the occasional breakout so this might be great for me – thank you for such a detailed review! Lisa x

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